D.Core - Cloud Massage Chair

D.Core - Cloud Massage Chair


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The D.Core Cloud massage chair goes beyond providing an excellent massage. Its harmoniously clean lines and real black walnut trim evoke a traditional Japanese sense of beauty that blends artfully into any modern home.  The true Shiatsu action back massage mechanism alleviates pain and discomfort, increases mobility, and enhances overall wellness.



The 35.4” track of the D.Core Cloud massage chair allows the massage mechanism to travel from the base of your neck, down along your back, and to wrap around beneath your glutes. Glute massage has shown to reduce pain for sciatica, herniated discs, and lower back pain.



The massage mechanism of the D.Core Cloud goes up and down, side to side, and in and out. What makes the mechanism unique on the Cloud are the protruding acupressure nodes for a true shiatsu action that simulates the finger and joint structure and organic movements of a massage therapist. There are 3 levels of depth adjustments up to 2.75” for a true deep tissue massage that alleviates pain and discomfort, increases mobility, and enhances overall wellness.


A carefully choreographed 2-way foot roller gently soothes the soles of the feet on the D-Core Cloud massage chair. Feel the pain in the feet float away and feel relaxed in minutes.



The D.Core Cloud’s design is influenced by the traditional Japanese Wabi-Sabi design combined with modern science. The use of Black Walnut wood is inspired by the traditional Japanese sense of beauty: natural settings that – like a massage – allow you to escape the complexity of everyday life and discover calmness that quietly penetrates into your heart and mind.



At the heart of the D.Core Cloud is the operating system that controls the massage. The OS is focused on massage technology that can reach deep muscles through research with professional massage therapists.



Zero Gravity position was first invented by NASA in order to reduce the stresses on the body as astronauts are launched into space. The Zero Gravity position reclines back while raises the legs to about heart level. This helps to reduce stress on your body and reduces the compression along your spine.



The D.Core Cloud massage chair utilized airbags to employ a compression massage to your shoulders, arms, glutes, calves, legs, and feet. There are a total of 41 airbags with 3 strength adjustments to fine-tune to your needs.



  • Quick Program: The quick program is recommended for people with a limited massage time. It can relieve fatigue from the neck to the ankles in a short time.

  • Master Shiatsu Program: A program to relieve the whole body with the unique functional core shiatsu method.

  • Recovery Program: A program to alleviate general fatigue. From the root of the neck to the ankle, gently rubbing the acupoints of the whole body.

  • Circulation Program: Starting from the bottom of the body to the heart and by using the method of massaging muscles while promoting blood circulation to achieve the effect of promoting blood circulation.

  • Morning Program: According to the centripetal method of promoting blood flow from the fingertips and toes back to the heart, massages along with the venous flow. This program is recommended when you want to relax and revive your body.

  • Night Program: According to the centrifugal method of promoting blood circulation from the heart to the tips of the body, massages along with the artery flow. This program is recommended when you want to relax.

  • Neck and Shoulders: Massage neck stem, neck, upper shoulders, and shoulders. This program is recommended for neck and shoulder fatigue and for relaxing the neck and shoulders.

  • Lower Back: A program for centralized massaging of the low back and waist. This program is recommended when the lower back is tired and for relaxing around the lower back.

  • Air Focus: A program for centralized massaging of the ends of the body, such as the fingertips and toes. Promote systemic blood circulation by stimulating the ends of the body.


With the D.Core Cloud, when the massage chair reclines, it also slides forward. This reduces the amount of room needed behind the chair to only 5”.



The footrest of the Cloud is extendable up to 8” to allow for taller people to use the massage chair easily.



A separate back pillow is available for supporting the back or neck where necessary. Also, you can use this pillow while resting on the chair.



The tough button controller makes it very easy to reach automatic programs. Also, manual massage techniques can be easily adjusted for your needs.
















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