Panasonic MA73 Massage Chair


  • $7,999.00

Choose any of the expertly choreographed automatic sessions and indulge in pure bliss as heated rollers, ultra-kneading and full body air cell coverage work in concert to provide an all-encompassing experience.

With an updated Real Pro 3D Ultra Prestige engine, the MA73 expands on our popular MA70 model by increasing the number of automatic massage and stretching programs, doubling the number of massage movements, and offering upgrades such as dual-zone arm kneading and ceramic foot heaters for enhanced reflexology treatment.

And with its hideaway leg rest arm massage units, this versatile chair converts to an elegant recliner when not in use.


You have approximately 1080 acupoints on your back and neck. From the soothing palm style of Swedish massage, to deep tissue kneading, to Shiatsu, the MA73 utilizes a variety of techniques to target acupoints and reinvigorate body and mind.

Body Scan Technology

Using pressure sensor technology, the MA73 creates a virtual map of your back to deliver a massage contoured to your spine’s curves. The floating massage rollers glide over each vertebra, knowing precisely where to massage.

Intuitive Micro Processor

Our advanced microprocessor delivers precise responsiveness to replicate the intricate kneading of Shiatsu techniques.

Heated Rollers

Infrared heated massage rollers generate soothing warmth to help relax sore, tense muscles. With heating elements located directly on the massage roller assembly, the MA73 delivers the point-specific heat you feel from the thumbs and palms of a massage therapist’s hands.

Rotating Ottoman

Designed to seamlessly blend into any decor between massages, the MA73 doubles as a stylish, comfortable armchair. Simply attach the ultra-soft headrest pad, fold the armrests and rotate the massaging ottoman neatly into place.

Unique 3D Massage System

Whisper quiet, high-performance, brushless motors drive and direct the massage rollers, offering full freedom of movement in three-dimensional space. As a result, the MAJ7 can switch between massage styles, reach above the shoulders, and soothe every square inch of your back.





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