Synca JP3000 4D Massage Chair


  • $10,999.00


  • Made In Japan by Fujiiryoki
  • 2023 Newest Model
  • 5D AI Plus Mechanism
  • Brushless Motors
  • 39 Programs (24 Auto Programs + 15 Target Programs)
  • 53 Massage Techniques
  • Customized Programs
  • Customized Reclined Angles
  • Most Precise Body Scan
  • Adjustable Air Massage Intensity Individually
  • 8 Airbag Intensity
  • Ultra Fast Air Compression
  • APP Control
  • Foot Roller
  • Dual Leg Extension(Motorized and Spring)
  • 5 Stretch Modes
  • JBL Bluetooth Speaker
  • Dual Heat with Removable Pad
  • Near Flat Position
  • 4.3" Touchscreen Remote
  • Voice Demonstration

Made in Japan

A whole new massage experience that allows both body and mind to be at their best.
There have been dramatic changes in the way we live and work all over the world.
Various types of fatigue and environmental changes can also cause mental stress.
In order to be active every day and be at one's very best, it is necessary to take care of both body and mind.



Fujiiryoki AI Technology

Through the AI, the control system automatically passes the user’s body shape, muscles status and other information into the massage.
Intensity, techniques, smoothness are adjusted and implemented according to each user.

5D-AI Mecha PLUS

The two kneading balls mecha has been cultivated by Fujiiryoki for more than 20 years.Fine and efficient, Japanese quality kneading is achieved through the AI.




Through the AI control of kneading and a high-precision motor, the past mechanical movements have been successfully upgraded into a real hand-like, smooth massage. Moreover, intensity is adjusted according to the muscle state of each person in real time to relieve body stiffness with a stable and on-point massage.

High torque/precision massage operation through brushless motor and AI

Kneading action of 5D-AI Mecha

38 Course Menus creating a special experience every day

A rich offer to satisfy all preferences, as it’s possible to choose among 38 courses, 23 automatic and 15 part-focused ones.

AI Double Sensing +

By detecting 8 backline massage points, it`s possible to automatically optimize and adjust the massage according to the user.



The “Shoulder Position Detection System”, which detects the position of the shoulders, calculates the massage point, then the “Backline Detection System” detects the backline by measuring 8 different points along the spine.The 5D-AI movement PLUS automatically adjusts itself along this spinal curve to achieve the most comfortable massage.



User Customized Mode

User’s shoulders position, back line, airbags intensity and reclining angle can all be registered.

Foot Sole Shiatsu

The airbag keeps ankle and instep in place, as if a hand grips the foot, and then a special roller massages the sole of the foot.





Foot Roller Massage

By regulating the strength of the air bag holding ankle and instep, the intensity of the foot roller can be adjusted in three levels. According to preferences, the foot roller can also be turned off.





High-efficiency Air Pressure System

Through a carefully calculated airbag configuration and a fine strength adjustment function, the air massage perfectly fits the whole body.

The strength of the airbags can be adjusted in 7 levels for 8 parts of the body.It`s possible to experience the Pulse Mode, that with very regular action promotes blood circulation, as well as the Air Massage Mode, that through different speeds imitates a real hand massage.

【Exclusive Function】High-speed Inflation Airbag System

The built-in high-flow and high-pressure air pump allows the high-capacity airbags to operate powerfully, enhancing the massage effect.

Diverse Stretching Menus

Stretching and relaxing muscle tension of the whole body and of single body parts fora perfect tune-up.





5 Types of Full Body Stretch

Stretching that carefully tunes up the whole body (30 minutes)
■Conditioning Course

Everyday full-body Stretch Menu (18 minutes)
■Technical Stretch
■Extreme Whole Body Stretch
■Whole Body Stretch
■Whole Body Air

6 Types of Region-focused Stretch

Power Stretch


Bluetooth®︎ Supporting Speakers

Specially designed left and right bass-reflex speakers are placed near the ears to achieve a luxurious sound- surrounded space.

Clear Voice Sounds
・Built-in Multi-band Equalizer

Stereo Sound
・Built-in DSP Digital Speakers

Rich Output Sound Range
・Full-range Speakers

The Bluetooth® typeface and logo are registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and Fujiiryoki Ltd. is authorized to use the above marks.
All other trademarks and company names are the property of their respective owners.

Double Heating

Two heating systems are built in to create a more comfortable massage time.

・Foot Sole Heating
Gently warming up the feet, which tend to get cold easily.

・The warming function can be used independently
・Set temperature: about 43 degrees (set temperature is different from perceived temperature.)


・【Exclusive Function】Quick- Heat Multi-heaters


The pads with built-in warming function can be placed behind the back to warm up around the waist, or can be unzipped and placed on the front to warm around the abdomen.

Mindfulness Course [automatic]

Based on the concept of “meditation”, a 30-minute massage performed through airbags only.
The slow air massage carefully and gently soothes the entire body.

Total Relax Position

The relaxation level is enhanced by the comfortable lying position, also perfect to optimize the stretching effects.

You can actually feel the stretching effect.

4.3" Full Color Touch Screen Remote Control

The large screen is easy to read and operate.

Voice Guidance Function
An easy-to-understand voice guidance helps with each operation step.

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