Synca REI Foot Calf Lumbar Ottoman Massager


  • $699.00

  • Full of JOY - Transforming Heated Foot + Calf + Wireless lumbar massager
  • Blissful Foot and Calf Massage - Full sole reflexology foot massage coverage is coupled with gentle calf compression to deliver an effective and therapeutic massage experience.
  • Wireless Lumbar Massage - Just lift off the lid and slide it behind you to deliver heated relaxing lumbar massage to reduce muscle stiffness in the lower back.
  • A massager hidden as an ottoman - With it's tasteful modern design no one will even know it’s a massager, it seamlessly blends into your living room decor.
  • The Most Versatile Foot and Calf Massager in the world Japanese Shiatsu + Gua sha reflexology therapy - The specially design triple barrel foot roller delivers full foot coverage effectively targeting the Plantar Fascia muscle.
  • Modern Contemporary Design Seamlessly blends into your homes decor - The simple and modern design matches any types of room, the rei can be used as a stool or ottoman.
  • Relaxation in the home - The compact and stylish SYNCA Foot-Calf-Lumbar-Ottoman Massager goes with most modern interiors. Place it by the sofa or chair and you can relax and refresh even if you only have a little time. A sophisticate and compact design the SYNCA massager only requires a small footprint.
  • Foot Calf Lumbar Ottoman Massager Shiatsu Calf Roller - Relieving stiffness from your toes through your calves The mechanical shiatsu roller physically massages the back of the calf to deliver muscle tension reducing massage therapy. 
  • Foot Calf Lumbar Ottoman Massager Gua sha roller - Effective Sole Gua sha Shiatsu The roller gently works the full arch of the foot providing needed relief after a long day.
  • Foot Calf Lumbar Ottoman Massager Shiatsu roller - Full foot coverage The combination of Shiatsu rollers and Gua Sha rollers along the length of the foot stimulate blood flow and provide a greater area of coverage on the foot compared to other foot massagers. Soft or Strong, we’ve got the foot and calf therapy you need.
  • Calf Airbags - Double Airbags gently use compression therapy from both sides but can be strengthened to provide deeper compression when needed.
  • Foot Airbags - The foot airbags grip and further stimulates blood flow when couple with the foot roller system.
  • Achilles therapy - The gentle gripping heel massage stimulates Tsubo and mass

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