About Us

Of these, especially from the relation with water that is very important, human being have been using it in their daily lives through
a variety of methods in order to utilize in more convenient and useful way.

Performing treatment of various kinds of water for a variety of purposes using the best method will be the very standard that separates 
science from engineering. In fact, engineering must be most economic and excellent in treatment efficiency through grafting knowledge 
and experience to itself. To do so, progressive and scientific thought with cutting-edge technology applied must be combined. 

The system that may satisfy this basic requirement is based on the basic specification selection and design standard.

We, “Aqua Gold Co., Ltd.” carry out overall in-depth engineering where cutting-edge science/technology and economic feasibility are
equipped complexly. Furthermore, in 1998, through amalgamation of Gyeongsin Sangsa that is the parts wholesales distributor, 
we could have been reborn as a company approaching closer to consumers by acquiring ISO9001 certificate as well as introduction of 
OEM production method.

Especially through introduction of advanced technology in a decisive manner, our head office manages all the projects based on 
the ability to accept various water treatment and environmental systems complying with the characteristic of each industry under 
the basic condition including exact analysis of raw water, accurate selection of pre/post treatment, routine check-up 
of system
 and follow-up management. All these treatment is done perfectly for design, production and trial operation process.