AG-Q1100 Bidet

Aqua Gold USA

  • $399.99

Cleaning with water is more comfortable, more effective and above all more hygienic than toilet paper. Leaves you fresh and clean every time! Stop the spread of harmful germs and bacteria. Attractive and affordable Hygienic Device! for personal health care.

1. There is no electricity to use.
2. Connect hot water or cold water piping and use the lever to adjust the cleaning temperature.
3. Cleaning nozzle and female nozzle can be separated and sanitary cleaning can be done.
4. Water pressure control is used to move the lever up and down slowly, according to the constitution.
5. Move the lever slowly to prevent strong water pressure from being set from the beginning.
6. It is easy to clean.
7. It is easy to use.

Controlling Water Pressure :
You can control water pressure to operate handle for smoothly controlling water pressure to up and down.
If you push the handle to upper direction, water pressure will be strong.
If you push the handle to push the handle to the lower direction, the water pressure will be weak.

Controlling Posterior or Feminine Cleaning :
You can use the wash function or bidet function to turn the lever to the direction which you want.

Type: Bidet

Size: 480(W) x 175(H) x 540(D)


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